Financial and Material Abuse

Financial abuse includes having money or property stolen, being defrauded, being put under pressure in relation to money or other property and having money or other property misused. It can be perpetrated by anyone. People with care and support needs are at increased risk of financial abuse and it sometimes co-occurs with other forms of abuse. 

Timely assessment of mental capacity around financial decisions is a crucial step in the protection of adults at risk from financial and material abuse.

If you suspect someone lacks capacity to make decisions about their finances or property, but they have no Lasting Power of Attorney or Deputy, and no one able to arrange this, they should be referred to Adult Social Care on 01895 556633 or

You should contact the Office of the Public Guardian if you suspect abuse or misuse of power by a Lasting Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney, or a Court Appointed Deputy. The OPG investigates such concerns alongside adult social care.