Governance & Accountability

The Care Act 2014 placed a duty on Local Authorities to establish a Safeguarding Adults Board with the primary objective of assuring itself that local safeguarding arrangements effectively help and protect those adults, in its area, who have care and support needs and are at risk of abuse, neglect or self neglect. 

The Board has 3 core duties:

  • it must publish a strategic plan for each financial year that sets how it will meet its main objective and what the members will do to achieve this. The plan must be developed with local community involvement, and the SAB must consult the local Healthwatch organisation. The plan should be evidence based and make use of all available evidence and intelligence from partners to form and develop its plan
  • it must publish an annual report detailing what the SAB has done during the year to achieve its main objective and implement its strategic plan, and what each member has done to implement the strategy as well as detailing the findings of any safeguarding adults reviews and subsequent action
  • it must conduct any safeguarding adults review in accordance with Section 44, Care Act, when an adult at risk dies as a result of abuse or neglect or suffers serious abuse. 

The Safeguarding Adults Board is made up of a range of agencies including the three statutory partners Police, National Health Service Clinical Commissioning Group, and Local Authority, and a range of other agencies who are key partners in delivery of safeguarding services in Hillingdon. For an overview of the current board members click here.

In 2020 we reviewed our Adult Safeguarding Arrangements and decided to adopt a model that compliments those for Safeguarding Children in the London Borough of Hillingdon.  This model is based upon the agreed shared and equal responsibility for safeguarding between three key partners: The Local Authority, The Clinical Commissioning Group, and the Police. 

The Executive Leadership Group

The Executive Leadership Group (ELG) provides strategic governance, leadership, oversight and challenge to both the Safeguarding Children Partnership Board and the Safeguarding Adults Board as there is joint and equal responsibility for the safeguarding of children and adults in Hillingdon.

The ELG meets on a three monthly basis, drives the safeguarding agenda and comprises of the Council Chief Executive, the Chief Nurse of Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Metropolitan Police Service Borough Commander. Each partner is subject to internal scrutiny in accordance with their internal governance structures.

In addition, the ELG will commission independent reviews of the Hillingdon Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements to provide critical challenge, appraisal and support future developments.

The Safeguarding Partnership Implementation Unit

The Safeguarding Partnership Implementation Unit provides support and drive to both the Adult and Children’s Safeguarding Partnerships and reinforces links between The Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Safeguarding Adult Board. The Implementation Unit, also known as the Safeguarding Partnership Team, co-ordinates activity and delivery with other strategic boards across the council, develops the various subgroups that progress the safeguarding strategic priorities and embeds learning across the partnerships.


This document will be revised and amended as legislation and organisational structures change and new policies emerge.

Independent Scrutiny

In 2021 The Safeguarding Partnership invited Independent Scrutiny by Alan Caton OBE. You can read the outcome letter from the scrutineer below. You can also read the response from the Executive Leadership Group