Getting Involved: Making Your Voice Heard

Do you have lived experience of safeguarding, either personally or supporting a loved one? Would you like to have an impact on the future of safeguarding in Hillingdon? Hillingdon’s Safeguarding Adults Board is looking for volunteers and representatives.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Influence the Making Safeguarding Personal agenda
  • Influence safeguarding practices across London
  • Develop safeguarding services for the future
  • Improve people’s experience of safeguarding

There are a range of options available to adults, and their carers and representatives, with lived experience of adult safeguarding support.

London Safeguarding Voices

Watch this video to find out more

Healthwatch, with the support of partners, have launched an advertising campaign to recruit volunteer representatives with lived experience of adult safeguarding support to represent their views at the London Safeguarding Voices Group. This is a subgroup of the London Safeguarding Adults Board and is a joint project between London Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and Healthwatch England.

Support and training will be provided primarily by the coordinators of the London Safeguarding Voices Group but also locally as needed.

Hillingdon SAB Lived Experience Reference and Consultation Group

The Safeguarding Partnership Team are working with Healthwatch, with the support of other community organisations, to recruit volunteers to participate in a reference and consultation group of adults and carers with lived experience of adult safeguarding support. This group will be consulted quarterly, using a combined online and in person group meeting, about the work of the SAB and the various strands of work that are underway.

The views and ideas shared by the Reference and Consultation Group about the work of the SAB, in specific reference to the strategic action plans underway for each subgroup and proposed new Partnership policies and practice briefings. Their views will be summarised in an agreed written format and presented to the SAB quarterly. The SAB will take these into account in their decision making along with a raft of other information.

One-off feedback sessions

Where an adult or carer with lived experience wishes to provide feedback or ideas to the SAB they will be able to contact the Safeguarding Partnership team. They will be offered an interview, over the phone or, in exceptional circumstances, in person, with the Safeguarding Partnership Team where their experience and views will be heard and recorded anonymously and incorporated into a bank of lived experience data which can be used to inform strategic work going forward.

To find out more about these opportunities

Go to the Healthwatch website for more information,

Call the Hillingdon Safeguarding Partnership Team on 01895 277855 or

Register your interest through the application form.