SAB Subgroups

The delivery groups report directly to the Safeguarding Adults Board and provide quarterly progress reports. The membership varies in accordance to the priority needs identified so that we have the right representatives from the right agencies present. The Executive Leadership Group and/ or the Board inform the work of the delivery groups – with clear objectives and timescales.  Once these objectives are achieved, the group dissolves.  Each delivery group has its own terms of reference, outcomes plan and evaluation. 

Practice Development Forum 

The Practice Development Forum leads on the planning, delivery and quality assurance of training and service development across the Hillingdon Safeguarding Partnership.   The aim of the Practice Development Forum is to ensure that high quality safeguarding training is provided across the adult and children’s workforce.  

The Practice Development Forum considers learning from a variety of sources and ensures that this is effectively disseminated throughout the multi-agency workforce to inform and support practitioners in the provision of effective safeguarding services to Hillingdon Residents.  Sources of information include: 

  • Single and Multi-Agency Audits
  • Statutory Inspections
  • Statutory and Non-Statutory Serious Case Reviews
  • Any cases of national importance or implication
  • Any emerging issues of local importance
  • The Child Death Overview Panel   

The Joint Strategic Safeguarding and Trafficking Subgroup 

The JSSAT subgroup is mandated to provide scrutiny and overview of the safeguarding arrangements for children, young people and vulnerable adults arriving at Heathrow.  Its objectives are: 

  • To identify best practice in safeguarding both children, young people and vulnerable adults arriving at, and moving on from Heathrow and the relationship between Border Force and the London Borough of Hillingdon
  • To identify and monitor identified risks to the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults and ensure that these are mitigated/managed.
  • To ensure that relevant policies and guidance are up to date and properly disseminated. NB: this will be a mixture of policies from Border Force, London Borough of Hillingdon and Pan-London Procedures. National guidance will also be relevant.
  • To participate in joint operations at Heathrow to provide information to travellers and to enforce the law where necessary eg, Operation Limelight to eradicate FGM.

Self Neglect

The Self-Neglect Subgroup purpose is to raise awareness of self-neglect in the community and across the partnership, develop strategies to improve practitioner capacity to identify self-neglect through increased knowledge and confidence; and improve the partnership response where a concern is identified.  

Mental Health and Safeguarding

The purpose of the subgroup is to identify and share local and national learning from serious cases and expert practice knowledge from subgroup members, and embed that in systems and practice across the partnership to: 

  • reduce the risks of abuse and neglect and self-neglect for adults with mental health problems, and 
  • improve outcomes and quality of life in cases of abuse, neglect and self-neglect for adults with mental health problems.  

Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP)

The ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ subgroup leads on the strategic development of the Making Safeguarding Personal Agenda in Hillingdon. The group will ensure that Adult Safeguarding practice is person-led and outcome focused through quality assuring existing practice and procedures and raising the profile of ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ throughout safeguarding agencies. 

Domestic Abuse

A subgroup which is jointly run by the Hillingdon Safeguarding Partnership and the Safer Hillingdon Partnership and sits across adult and child safeguarding practice.