SAB Sub-Committees

SAB sub-committees meet quarterly. Membership of each sub-committee is multi-agency and each sub-committee has Terms of Reference which are reviewed annually.

The SAB has recently reviewed its sub-committee structure and has revised this to maintain two key sub-committees – the Performance & Quality (P&Q) Sub-Committee and the Joint Strategic Safeguarding & Trafficking (JSSAT) Sub-Committee.  

Joint Strategic Safeguarding and Trafficking Sub-Committee

This sub-committee is unique to Hillingdon SAB and LSCB, and its aim is to continue to strengthen our partnership with Heathrow Airport. Increasingly Border Force are dealing with cases of vulnerable adults that have travelled to the UK and they have seen a sudden rise in issues relating to passengers where there are suspected concerns about their mental health. The joint sub-committee allows for positive communication and a partnership approach to identifying key areas of safeguarding adults and children for the airport and putting in place strategies to support them.

Performance & Quality (P&Q) Sub-Committee

This sub-committee oversees the performance and quality framework which has been agreed by the partner agencies of the Safeguarding Adult Board.

The work of this sub-committee also includes developing audit tools to enable partner agencies to effectively monitor safeguarding arrangements within their own agencies e.g. Safeguarding Adult Audits.

Another key aspect of the work of the P&Q sub-committee has been to develop a data set which picks out the main national indicators for safeguarding adults, as well as the local ones which are relevant to Hillingdon.  This data set has been built into the two year Business Plan of the Safeguarding Adult Board and will be reviewed on an annual basis as part of it business planning workshop.