Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Section 44 of The Care Act 2014 requires Safeguarding Adults Boards to undertake a Safeguarding Adult Review when specific criteria are met. This is when abuse or neglect results in the death or significant, and possibly life-changing, harm of an adult with care and support needs.

The purpose of a Safeguarding Adult Review is to understand fully what has happened to the adult, in order to identify any areas of learning for those agencies involved in their care or support.  In Hillingdon we have adopted a Think Family approach to learning from serious cases, this approach enables us to identify and disseminate learning across the Safeguarding Partnership, irrespective of source.  

A Safeguarding Adult Review will:

  • Identify any lessons we can learn about the way professionals and agencies have worked together
  • Review the effectiveness of our safeguarding adults procedures
  • Consider what could have been done differently to prevent a similar circumstance from happening again
  • Inform and improve practice across the Hillingdon Safeguarding Partnership

Any agency, or member of the public, can contact the Safeguarding Partnership Team to notify of a concern that they feel should be considered against the SAR criteria.  Where appropriate, notifications are considered by our Serious Case Panel and a multiagency decision is made about the response needed. 


National Analysis of Safeguarding Adult Reviews

In 2020 there was a National Analysis of Safeguarding Adult Reviews to look at what can be learnt from the many Safeguarding Adult Reviews completed between 2017-2019 throughout the country. Please find a summary of the analysis in the downloads section below. The Safeguarding Partnership has implemented a number of local changes in response to the recommendations that came out of the National Analysis.

Please see below in the download section for Safeguarding Adults Review for:

AA & BB, including the narrative report for this SAR