Quality Assurance

The SAB should seek assurance of the effectiveness of safeguarding activity and that safeguarding practice is continuously improving and enhancing the quality of life for adults with care and support needs and carers in its area, in line with ‘Making safeguarding personal’. This should address issues of quality as well as quantity, particularly from the perspective of those who have experienced safeguarding services. (SCIE)


In order to effectively quality assure safeguarding adult practice, Hillingdon Safeguarding Adults Board undertakes various activities including:

  • The maintenance of a multi-agency dashboard of key safeguarding data that is presented at the quarterly SAB meeting
  • Undertaking targeted audits, for example around Making Safeguarding Personal
  • Completing an annual review of SAB objectives and local partnership arrangements

In 2020-21 Hillingdon Safeguarding Adults Board has adopted a self-audit tool developed by the London Safeguarding Adults Partnership.  This audit will support each partner agency to review safeguarding practice within their organisation.  The collation of the audit outcomes will provide the Safeguarding Adults Board with a comprehensive overview of safeguarding practice across the London Borough of Hillingdon.  

In 2021 The Safeguarding Partnership has undertaken a Making Safeguarding Personal Outcomes Framework Multi Agency Audit to identify opportunities for local development. This audit includes in depth interviews with adults with lived experience of adult safeguarding support.