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Our Role

The role of the Safeguarding Adult Board is to:

  • Offer advice and assistance regarding safeguarding responsibilities and promote the understanding that ‘safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility’
  • Coordinate what is done by each person or body represented on the board for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of adults in the area
  • Raise public awareness of adult abuse, neglect and safeguarding adults work, including grooming and an understanding of the right of every person to live their life free from abuse and exploitation
  • Develop effective communication mechanisms within and between other strategic partnership boards across the London Borough of Hillingdon in order to share information and deliver a consistent approach for all service users
  • Set key priorities and regularly review if targets are being met (for current key priorities please see sections ‘About Us – Board Priorities’ and ‘What we do – SAB subgroups’
  • Regularly review and update existing inter-agency frameworks, policies and procedures that have been designed to safeguard and promote the independence and wellbeing of people who may be vulnerable to abuse and neglect
  • Develop and deliver multi-agency training in accordance with a workforce development strategy and agreed standards, ensuring staff and volunteers have the appropriate knowledge to confidently carry out their roles in accordance with safeguarding requirements