Board Priorities

Our shared vision

The vision of the Safeguarding Adults Board is that Hillingdon citizens, irrespective of age, race, gender, culture, religion, disability or sexual orientation are able to live with their rights protected, in safety, free from abuse and the fear of abuse.

In pursuit of this vision the Board sets priorities for the year ahead based on local and national data including learning from serious cases and the views of community groups and adults with lived experience. For 2021-2022 the priorities have been agreed and are guiding work across the Partnership. 

Safeguarding Adults Board Priorities
• Mental Health and Safeguarding
• Self Neglect
• Making Safeguarding Personal

Priorities shared with the Safeguarding Children Partnership
• Joint Strategic Safeguarding and Trafficking.
• Domestic Abuse
• Practice Development Forum

Subgroups for each priority include members with relevant expertise and influence to bring about continual improvement across the partnership through a variety of strands including the development of a multi-agency strategy, quality assurance of existing practice, or system building within the safeguarding network.   The groups report to the Safeguarding Adults Board on a quarterly basis to ensure timely progress and effectiveness in work plans.